Top·pings: /ˈtɑpɪŋz/

(1) food items that are added over a pizza to provide flavor and taste

(2) first-rate; very good or pleasing; excellent (things)

(3) the highest parts of anything; apexes; climaxes

(4) beheadings

(5) head-giving

Hungry? Sad? Empty? Low on serotonin? Ding dong! Your Boneless Pizza has arrived! In Unlimited Toppings, Boneless Pizza provides the listener with an unlimited variety (1) of music for the senses. So many flavors, Boneless Pizza gives it all! Not only that, all of these flavors are the best of the best, the best music around (2), the most interesting, silly, fun, emotional, and beautiful music – at least in the opinion of this Boneless Pizza. So delicious, yummy! And guess what?! They’re even more delicious in combination! Boneless Pizza curates them together nicely – bursts of flavor complimented with moments of bliss (5) taking you to the pinnacle of feeling (3). Truly, your ears will be quaking, you’ll lose your head (4), your body will take over, and you won’t stop dancing! What a joy! And you can have it all, free of charge — unlimited!

(Disclaimer: All toppings in Unlimited Toppings are flavors that Boneless Pizza themself loves. Boneless Pizza cannot guarantee that you will feel the same. The only thing Boneless Pizza can control is their own tastes, therefore the only guarantee is that Boneless Pizza will bring unlimited pleasure to themself (5). The dream however is that Boneless Pizza’s Unlimited Toppings will bring you great pleasure too!)